LACES Editorial committee

 Editorial Board

  • Dr. Mateo Marin-Cuartas (Editor-in-Chief) 
  • Dr. Tulio Caldonazo (Associate Editor)
  • Dr. Juan Esteban De Villarreal (Associate Editor)
  • Dr. Juan Olivello (Associate Editor)
  • Dr. Guillermo Stöger (Associate Editor)



All clinicians and researcher in the cardiovascular and thoracic field are welcome to use the LACES online platform for submission and peer-review publication of scientific audiovisual content, original articles, case reports, surgical technique videos and editorial comments. The submitted articles will be accepted for publication after a peer-review process.

The aim of this online site is to provide an inclusive platform that allows the active academic participation of Latin American cardiac, thorax, vascular and endovascular surgeons. Contributors from all around the world are also invited to submit their work!